Over 1500 pairs of sneakers collected and 1100 distributed to people in need for FREE



We collect reusable sneakers from the community and distribute to people for FREE so they can play, participate and reach their potential. 


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Maia was only 12 (2017) when she developed the idea for Lazy Sneakers. All she had was a passion to help others and a family to back her. Since the project has started, she has been able to provide sneakers for children, student athletes, families and social services. 

The name "Lazy Sneakers" calls out sneakers that are unused so they can be reused by people in need.


Maia observed that some of her peers could not participate in sports because they didn’t have the appropriate footwear. So she launched a project to free up unused sneakers. Lazy Sneakers was launched in January 2018. 

Lazy Sneaker visit at Whitley School


Lazy Sneakers is a sneaker bank project collecting reusable good conditioned sneakers from the community and then distributing these sneakers for FREE so people can play, participate and reach their potential. 


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There are so many ways to support Lazy Sneakers. Contact us to find out how you can contribute and support the Lazy Sneaker project

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Clyde Street, Wellington, Wellington Region, New Zealand

027 622 1888


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